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Titan restroom series

Shipping container restroom series for high-capacity and heavy-duty applications

  • Proven floor plans built to last
  • Hygienic with the comfort of home
  • Mobile and relocatable
  • Fast delivered and easy to install
Modular restroom shipping container

Key features

shipping container restrooms interior

A containerized restroom series with proven floor plans

  • The Titan restroom series is designed for heavy-duty and high-capacity work. It’s perfect for industrial jobs sites and large events like festivals.

  • Choose from single, dual or mixed gender restroom floor plans, ADA-compliant models or off-grid options for remote locations. The Titan series offers proven floor plans for heavy-use applications.

Hygienic bathroom shipping containers with the comfort of home

  • The Titan restrooms are equipped with high quality commercial grade fixtures, stainless steel accessories, running water, odor control ventilation and flushable toilets for comfort in every context.

  • Our restroom containers feature temperature control with A/C, heaters, and insulation for comfort in extreme weather conditions.

  • Low maintenance toilets and antibacterial floors make our products easy to clean and operate.

shipping container restrooms interior
Shipping container restrooms

Turnkey and fast-deploying modular restrooms

  • Our portable restroom product line is constructed off-site to avoid on-site disruptions and don’t require heavy foundations or site preparation.

  • Our units come pre-plumbed and pre-wired with a single utility connection point. Easy to connect, they can be installed within a couple of hours.

Portable restroom shipping container

A shipping container restroom built to last whatever the context

  • Titan portable restrooms are made out of a Corten steel ISO shipping containers, ensuring high resistance to harsh and corrosive environments.

  • Rated for high wind and snow loads, the Titan restroom shipping containers come with a 15-year structural warranty.

Mobile shipping container restroom

Mobile restrooms relocatable at will

  • The Titan models can be lifted and moved with a heavy-duty forklift or crane.

  • Transported as an ISO shipping container on a train, truck, or plane, relocation is easy.

Floor plans

20′ Female

20FT shipping container restroom
  • Sinks: 3
  • Toilets: 4

20′ Male

20FT shipping container restroom
  • Sinks: 2
  • Toilets: 3
  • Urinals: 3

20′ Mixed separate entrances

20FT shipping container restroom
  • Sinks: 4
  • Toilets: 4

20′ Dual gender off-grid

20FT shipping container restroom
  • Male section: 1 sink, 2 toilets, 2 urinals
  • Female section: 1 sink, 1 toilet

40′ Mixed separate entrances

40FT shipping container restroom
  • Sinks: 8
  • Toilets: 8

40′ Dual gender – 1 ADA

40FT shipping container restroom
  • Male section: 2 sinks, 2 toilets, 3 urinals
  • Female section: 2 sinks, 3 toilets
  • ADA section: 1 sink, 1 toilet

40′ Dual gender – 2 ADA

40FT shipping container restroom
  • Male section: 2 sinks, 2 toilets, 3 urinals
  • Female section: 1 sink, 2 toilets
  • ADA section: 2 sinks, 2 toilets


mining camp

Job sites



disaster recovery stadium

Disaster relief

Success stories

mechanical room restroom shipping container off-grid 2

Off-grid shipping container restrooms for a remote job site

We were approached by a large American manufacturer with a need for a sanitary solution for their workers. The environment included harsh industrial work conditions and the absence of grid. We provided this customer an off-grid model from the Titan series. The bathroom shipping container is equipped with a water tank providing fresh water and another tank collecting grey water to address this remote sanitary need.

shipping container restroom interior

Durable mobile restrooms for a NYC park

Bryant Park, NYC, is visited by thousands of people every week. Offering a quality and family-friendly outdoor experience is a priority for the administrators. They requested a dual gender commercial grade restroom durable and robust enough to deal with the park’s high attendance. They also needed it to be easy to install and relocate within the park. The Titan series mobile restroom container was the best solution.

interior shipping container bathroom 3

Disaster recovery after hurricane Irma

In response to hurricane Irma, the British Virgin Island needed a robust and durable mobile restroom option they could quickly deploy to relieve the population. ContekPro delivered and installed several Titan restroom shipping container units  to address this urgent need.

Technical specifications


  • ISO shipping container
  • 14 ga corten steel metal
  • Commercial grade steel door


  • High traffic antibacterial vinyl sheet floors
  • Coved corners
  • Fiberglass insulated walls and ceilling

Lighting & electrical

  • Interior and exterior LED lights
  • Motion sensor
  • Emergency lighting
  • 50 amp panel, 120/240 volt
  • Single phase GFCI outlets


  • Exhaust fans
  • Wall heaters
  • Through the wall A/C

Fixtures & accessories

  • Commercial grade porcelain toilets, sinks and urinals
  • Paper, soap, toilet seat cover dispensers
  • Mirror


  • Commercial grade stainless steel toilets, sinks and urinals


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